Executive Committee: This governing body of the church includes the Executive Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and all the chairs of McDougall's committees. 

Affirming Committee: Members host events such as movie nights and educational programs to break down the barriers of inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community and people of all socio-economic levels, diverse ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. The committee spearheaded the processes that lead McDougall to become an Affirming Ministry.

Church in Society Committee: These are the go-to-guys if you’re looking start new community outreach initiatives. They have helped set up shop for the McDougall Refugee Committee and other programs that help us build a closer relationship with our Acadia neighbours.

Ministry & Personnel Committee: These members oversee relationships within the church congregation, specifically the roles and functions of staff. They consult and support McDougall members and employees.

Community Care Committee: If you're struggling and need help, this group is here for you. McDougall members may need a comforting visitor at their hospital bed, a ride to an appointment or other needs. This committee schedules calls and pastoral visits to state up to date with what our congregation needs, and it runs events and programs such as the Senior's Tea, Prayer Circle and Newcomers Welcome. 

Stewardship and Finance Committee: Strives to organize funding and resources for McDougall and the Mission and Service of the United Church of Canada. The congregation’s voice matters and this group thoughtfully consults with members when planning fundraising. The committee is responsible for financial matters of the church and all its committees 

Worship and Music Committee: Nothing says more about a church than its Sunday service. This is our main event and a lot of work goes into planning time for praise, music and children, to create an energetic Sunday morning. This group helps enhance the experience by involving the congregation and speaking with members about what keeps them coming back to McDougall every week. The sermon, music and multimedia are all part of a production that will leave you feeling inspired every time you walk out of our doors. 

Other Working Groups

  • Board of Trustees
  • Family Ministry Team
  • "Fun" Raising Task Force
  • The McDougall Foundation
  • Memorial Fund Working Group
  • Refugee Support Group