Photo: McDougall United Church Memorial Garden 

Photo: McDougall United Church Memorial Garden 

Funerals, Memorials and Celebrations of Life

Our job is to provide a setting where faith reinforces the funeral service as an act of worship and as a consolation for the mourners. We know the pain and grief that comes when you lose a loved one. We also share the time of “walking in the valley of the shadow” as people whose faith tells us that we are not alone, but surrounded by God's love and care. It’s our intent and hope to be with you to offer compassion, understanding and service.

Dealing with Grief  
You can contact the ministers any time for comfort and support when a loved one is dying and if funeral arrangements need to be made. The minister will offer follow-up support as you deal with grief. 

Planning the Service
You’re welcome to hold a memorial or funeral service at McDougall United Church. The two are similar, but the body of your loved one is not present at a memorial service. McDougall's ministers oversee services that lovingly reflect the life of your relative or friend. 

A two-hour consultation with the minister is usually needed to plan the service. Along with the family, the minister help shape the service according to your needs. Other items to consider are additions to the service such as candles, prayers for particular individuals, inclusion of family prayers and a favourite scripture or piece of literature. 

Our Music Director is available to provide piano and/or organ music. If you want a friend or relative to play or sing at the service, please talk with our Music Director. An additional charge may apply for extra rehearsals or more music. 

Fees for services in the Sanctuary

Service includes: 
Minister, music, facilities, administration, sound and computer $580.00                                                      Fees for receptions in Hospitality Hall:

  • Reception A...................................$4.00/per person. (Light reception with cookies, squares, tea, coffee, juice) 
  • Reception B...................................$6.00/per person. (Light lunch with sandwiches, pickles, cookies, squares, tea, coffee, juice)
  • Reception C...................................$8.00/per person. (Luncheon with extra sandwiches, pickles, cookies, squares, tea, coffee, juice) 

You're welcome bring/cook your own food and use the hall for a hosting fee of $200. This fee isn't required if McDougall prepares the food. 

Three days notice is requested for any receptions booked for funerals and  memorials. Prices are subject to change.

Living Legacy Donations
Honour the memory of your loved one in a special way through a living legacy. You have the option of donating to McDougall’s Memorial Fund, to help with church equipment, community outreach or scholarship funds. Your loved one's name is recorded in our Memorial Book along with a record of their gift.

Memorial Garden
This sacred and holy place on church grounds is made for quiet reflection and for the burial of a loved one's ashes. Peace is welcome to everyone, and the garden welcomes everyone, whether they are a McDougall congregant or not.