School kits for kids

Back-to-school prep isn’t easy for struggling families that can’t afford notebooks and pencils, but you can help students in developing countries by building a school kit. Grab a school supply list and a bag or two on the table outside of the Chapel.

Once you’ve filled the bag you can return it to the bin on the same table. We know our congregants always go beyond the call for help and may want to overstuff their bags, but we encourage you to stick to the list so students don’t feel left out. If you’re feeling more generous, you can always grab a couple more!


  • 4 spiral or perforated notebooks (about 21.5 cm x 27 cm; with a combined total of 500 - 600 pages), OR 7 notebooks of 80 pages. 
  • 8 unsharpened pencils
  • 1 ruler (flat, flexible plastic; indicating both 30 cm and 12 in)
  • 12 coloured pencils (in packaging)
  • 1 large pencil eraser

If you have questions you can call Peggy Hoops at 403-271-9673.