Seasons Change - Rev. Joanne Anquist

I can’t believe it’s already September!  We have had a busy summer here at McDougall. We welcomed Tony Snow as our Community Care Coordinator in June, and Pam Rocker as our Director of Family and Spiritual Development in July. Thanks to everyone for making them feel at home in our McDougall family.  

We now have a full staff complement and have already begun planning for the year. Our hope is that with additional people, we can make deeper connections with the community and be more intentional about making space for new people in our congregation. At the same time, we want to make sure that the needs of long time members are respected and met to the best of our ability. It really is an exciting time for McDougall and we are looking forward to all God has for us in 2017-2018.

I’ll admit sometimes I am nervous about the future. I and the rest of the staff realize that members of our congregation have made a significant spiritual and financial investment to ensure that McDougall remains a vibrant and active church in Acadia and the City of Calgary. But with any renewal program, the results are not guaranteed, and sometimes things don’t work out as you hope.  

But even if the future is not certain, we have assembled a wonderful team that is committed to creating a meaningful community that meets the needs of today’s society.  Already, in the few meetings we’ve had together, our passion for McDougall and the possibilities for reaching out to the neighbourhood and the City have been confirmed.  What a wonderful time to be called to this congregation!

Over the next few weeks many of our regular programs will begin again, so check the newsletter to see what might suit you.  

September 10 the Season after Pentecost (ordinary time) ends and the Season of Creation begins.   Here at McDougall, we will begin a sermon series called “The Season of Creativity.”  From September 10th to Thanksgiving we will be talking about the place of Creativity in our lives and the healing power of the arts.  It promises to be an interesting exploration of how creativity enhances our life and our church community.

Our second annual Fall Fest is on September 17. This is a wonderful chance for you to invite your friends and family to our church for a BBQ lunch, entertainment, carnival games, old fashioned relay races and a bouncy obstacle course! It is our way of inviting the community into our home, to get a feel for what we’re about, and see if this could be a place for them. 

There’s lots going on. If you want to find a way to become involved contact the office or speak to me, Pam or Tony. This truly is a wonderful community where God is at work!

-Rev. Joanne Anquist