Oh the love, the flowers, the good looking friend seated on the groom's side; for whatever gets your friends and family to a wedding ceremony, let us help make this moment special for everyone attending. Our Sanctuary is a spacious area, with big windows for photographers to take advantage of the natural light and seating for up about 700 guests. For a more intimate setting, try our 20 person Chapel. Or think about taking your party steps away with a reception in Hospital Hall, which seats up to 300 people. You don’t have to be a member of this church, or any one, to get married here. 

Christian Marriage
For the traditionalists, our religious ceremonies aim to reflect your faith and hopes. We believe the essence of Christian marriage is all in the vows and the promise to love your spouse unconditionally, for as long as you both live. It is a loving, covenanted relationship patterned on God's own love for each of us. Through life-long marriage, we learn to love each other as God loves us. 

Affirming Marriage Statement                                                                                                                            McDougall United affirms the right of all who are in a loving relationship, and are legally entitled to be married in Canada, to celebrate their weddings in our church. This includes, among others, same and opposite gender marriages, those who are transgendered, divorced persons, interfaith couples and interracial couples. 

Wedding Fee
$925.00, which includes the Minister, Music Director, Wedding Administrator and Sanctuary. A $300.00 deposit is required when booking. The remaining $625.00 needs to be paid two weeks prior to the wedding date. Fees are subject to change. 

Meet your minister about two months before the wedding date. You can chat about what kind of service you’d like and it will let the reverend know more about the couple before the service.

Our Music Director will help you with song selections, solos and the choice or using an organ or piano. If you’ve got a friend or know a performer with the chops to sing at your wedding, you’re welcome bring them along. Please contact the Music Director one month before the wedding date. 

Wedding rehearsals are held at least one day before the ceremony. To make sure every knows their role, and doesn’t stray far from the flock, we suggest the whole wedding party attend. 

Decorations & Photos
Discuss your decorating plans with our Wedding Administrator prior to the wedding date. Sorry, City of Calgary bylaws insist confetti and rice can’t be used in the church or on its grounds. But we hear bubbles and flower petals can do the trick if you’re right outside our doors. The designated photographer and/or videographer should talk with the minister before the service. This is your day, but we want to make sure they don't distract from the service. 

Be ready when you book:

  1. Know your wedding date and time 
  2. Give us a rough number of guests
  3. Provide your contact information 

Wedding Preparation Course                                                                                                                                          
We highly recommend that you take a Marriage Preparation Seminar presented by Pastoral and Spiritual Care, Calgary Presbytery of the United Church of Canada. These seminars are made for couples whose relationship is lively and healthy.