Booking with us 

McDougall United Church is a community hub in the centre of the Acadia neighbourhood in southeast Calgary. It regularly hosts concerts, film screenings, celebrations as well as workshops and meetings. We offer competitive rates for all our rooms, with prices set for both commercial and non-commercial events.

For bookings, rentals or inquiries please email Facilities Coordinator John Naylor:

We have a number of other meeting places not featured here. Call our office for descriptions and availability.      

Sacred Spaces

Memorial Garden

This sacred space on church grounds is made for quiet reflection and for the burial of a loved one's ashes. Peace is for everyone, and the garden welcomes everyone, whether they are a McDougall congregant or not. To learn more about interning a loved ones ashes here, contact the å office at 404-252-1620. 

McDougall Labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth is a spiritual practice for those trying to dive deeper intor their faith. The Labyrinth lets you quiet your mind and take time for self-reflection and prayer. The Labyrinth is available to people or groups at no charge. Contact the office for details.

McDougall Library

We’ve got a pretty stacked collection that gets updated twice a year. Genres vary, so you can skip the till at bookstores and borrow a contemporary bestseller or sign out our religious texts. You can relax by the fireplace or take a book home. The library is open to everyone on Sunday after worship or during regular office hours. 

Getting approval to serve liquor at your event

You're just two steps away from getting approval to serve liquor at an event held at McDougall United Church. First, contact Facilities Coordinator John Naylor to inform him you'll be serving liquor. 

Step two, pick up an AGLC special events license which you can buy at larger liquor stores such as the nearby Willow Park Wine & Spirits. We recommend giving the store two or three business days before an event to prepare a license, but same days licensing is possible. A $10 Private (non-sale) license is for events where liquor is free and and a $25 Private (resale) license is for when liquor is sold to guests. Anyone who runs an event where liquor is served is required to familiarize themselves with AGLC rules about attendance, food, hours and advertising, among other regulations.